Bird-House History:
This buisness started years ago with a few simple things like designing and refurbishing furniture and home decor. Due to popular demand, this grew into remodling homes, additions, and specialty projects such as custom built cabinets, painting, awnings, replacing and building fences and mailboxes, rewiring electrical, plumbing, and so much more. With our vast general knowledge and our experience we expanded to certified home and pool inspections. We have performed home inspections in several states and look forward to inspecting your perspective home next.

Check out some of the things we look for in our inspections!

We physically go into your attic to look at the
ductwork and make sure the underside of
the roof is built strong and correct.

Roof penitrations are always a concern and
should be installed correctly so moisture
doesn't get inside to ruin the interior structure.

Electrical panles can be fire hazards if not
installed right.

Make sure your windows are sealed.